Mouthpieces, instruments, mutes

Engelman ERICO FONSECA M mouthpiece, medium size, for Bb and C trumpet (concert music)
Engelman ERICO FONSECA S mouthpiece, small size, for commercial music, big band and piccolo trumpet in A and Bb
Engelman ERICO FONSECA L mouthpiece, large size, for rotary trumpet in Bb and C and solo in commercial music and jazz.
Yamaha Xeno Chicago trumpet in Bb with leadpipe Will Spencer 520
Yamaha Xeno Chicago trumpet in C
Yamaha trumpet YTR-6610S Eb/D
Lechner rotary trumpet in Bb
Dowids Concert Line GL 60 rotary trumpet in C
BS Scherzer piccolo trumpet A/Bb
Cornet Besson Prestige in Bb
Jo-ral straight mute
Trumcor straight mute
Trumcor and Denis Wick cup mutes
Jo-ral harmon mute
Denis Wick piccolo trumpet mute
Yamaha Silent Brass study mute
Hetman Lubricants